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Oval “Country Code” Car Sticker Collection


There are actually TWO “country code” stickers in every one of our sticker packs.  A “primary” sticker and a “bonus sticker.” The primary sticker measures 3″ tall and 4.75″ wide, and the bonus sticker measures 1″ tall and 1.5″ wide.


Made on Main Street:

We’re proudly made in the USA.  All our stickers are designed and printed right here in the USA by mom-and-pop operations on Main Street in Georgetown, Texas.  Really.  That’s not a metaphor.  We’re actually on Main StreetWe do everything locally because we believe supporting local business matters.


Made to last:

We make our country code stickers from the same durable vinyl that car wraps are made with.  So it’s easy on, easy off and made to withstand a lot of different kinds of weather. Turns out, it if holds up on a car in the hot Central Texas sun, it’ll do pretty good in your dishwasher too.

Build Your Own Custom Sticker

MAYBE …. just MAYBE you want to put something in an oval sticker that has nothing to do with places.  Maybe your initials?  Or some numbers, or who knows what?  Well then, this sticker is for you!  Our Imagine That Sticker allows for custom messages, and can take up to 4 characters.

Imagine That

Imagine That Custom Design:
DIY “Country Code” Sticker

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We have that!

We have every state in the United States. And every territory. And lots and lots of US Cities! We’re adding more cities all the time, but if we don’t already have it ... we'll make it for you!

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We’re proudly made on Main Street, USA. We do everything locally because we believe supporting local business matters.

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Tell them where you are from with the oval "Country Code" Car Sticker Collection.

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