It’s Where I’m From

BS means “Commonwealth of the Bahamas,” and it’s a play off of the international country code stickers you used to see on cars in Europe and abroad. country_codes3

Every country in the world is assigned an international code, and people put oval country-code stickers on their cars, so no matter where they traveled, people would know where they were from.

Show your pride in the Bahamas by proudly displaying the BS car sticker where ever you go!

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Vinyl, self-adhesive car sticker. Each sticker-pack comes with a Large sticker and a small one. Large measures 3 inches high x 4.75 inches wide. Small measures Put them on your car, and proudly announce where you are from. Or put them on motorcycle helmets, guitar cases or coffee mugs!  There’s no end to what can be improved by putting an BS sticker on it!

Made in the USA

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Glossy, Matte

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