DIY City Sticker 3 Pack

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It’s Where I’m From

So you’re looking for an oval city sticker for your home town, but we haven’t done your city (yet).  NO PROBLEM!  We’ve got a great solution: we’ll make you one, at NO EXTRA COST.  Just the regular price.  And when we’re done, we’ll add your city to our growing product line.

Here’s how this will work:  Go ahead and order this “DIY” product. Make sure you specify “glossy” or “matte” finish below.  When you are checking out, there’s a form for all your information, and to the right there is a section called “Additional Information.”  This is where you can leave us instructions for what you want your DIY City Sticker to say.  Bear in mind we only have room for 3 letters:  If your town doesn’t already have a 2-to-3 letter nickname (like LA, or Austin refers to itself as ATX), we suggest looking up your 3-letter FAA Airport Code.  For example, the 3-digit FAA Airport code for Phoenix is PHX, which works really well on a City Sticker.  So in the “Additional Information” section, type in “my city is Phoenix, Arizona, and I want my 3-letter code to be PHX.”  Done!  We’ll design and print it, and that’s what you’ll get in the mail.

Here’s a good list of FAA 3-letter airport codes


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Special Deal!  Buy three, get the fourth free!  

3 Pack:  3 vinyl, self-adhesive car stickers. Each 3 Pack comes with 3 large stickers and a three small ones. Large stickers measure 3 inches high x 4.75 inches wide. Small stickers measure 1.25 inches high x 2 inches wide. Put them on your car, and proudly announce where you are from. Or put them on motorcycle helmets, guitar cases or coffee mugs!  There’s no end to what can be improved by putting a custom DIY City Sticker on it!

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