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Custom Oval Sticker

It’s possible you might want to put something completely unrelated to place names in your oval car sticker.  If so — we’ve got a great solution: we’ll make it for you, for a small fee over our regular price.

Here’s how this will work:  Go ahead and order this “Imagine That” product. Make sure you specify “glossy” or “matte” finish below.  When you are checking out, there’s a form for your all your information, and to the right there is a section called “Additional Information.”  This is where you can leave us instructions for what you want your custom “Imagine That” sticker to say.  Bear in mind we only have room for 4 letters: And NO.  We don’t do swear words.  Otherwise, any combination of letters, numbers or symbols is fine.

Just let us know!

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Vinyl, self-adhesive car sticker. Each sticker-pack comes with a Large sticker and a small one. Large measures 3 inches high x 4.75 inches wide. Small measures Put them on your car, and proudly announce where you are from. Or put them on motorcycle helmets, guitar cases or coffee mugs!  There’s no end to what can be improved by putting a custom Imagine That sticker on it!

Made in the USA

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Glossy, Matte

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